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Let the children lead the way!

Our Education Effort is mainly for children and adolescents from the ages of 4 years to 16 years. The goal of this effort is to teach children how to appropriately handle kittens, cats, puppies and dogs with care and to instill compassion and empathy in our youth.

Often, young children are excited to handle animals without awareness of how the animal perceives their attempt for affection. The animals can be stressed or overwhelmed by children rushing in, especially several children at one time, which instills fear and negative reactions from the animal. Providing proper handling skills and ways to approach an animal can prevent scratches and bites, as a result of their fear. As a result of proper handling skills, both children and animals have a positive experience and benefit from their interaction.

We encourage families to take part in our workshops and volunteering to establish positive interaction with animals, while providing socialization to our adoptable animals during their stay at our rescue.  

Please register below or contact us today by emailing to schedule your child, children or entire family for the workshop! We can accommodate your busy schedule by holding a 1 to 3 hour workshop depending on the amount of attendees and day of the week you pick. This is a flexible opportunity for your children and family to be involved in something fun and educational together! Contact us TODAY!

Register HERE! – RARE KidZ – Humane Education Workshop